Capabilities: Engineering

At SEMF, our technical agility and sense of innovation shape an engineering approach that is driven by smart, responsive design. Around the country, our engineers tailor inventive solutions to complex challenges by combining the precision that comes with specialist knowledge with the holistic insights that stem from interdisciplinary expertise.

SEMF works closely with our clients through concept, execution and final delivery and provides a full suite of services to meet multifaceted and exacting needs. We offer masterplanning, feasibility studies, assessments and inspections and assist clients with every aspect of modelling, analysis, building design and engineering.

Our capabilities span a cross-section of engineering disciplines, from mechanical, electrical, process and chemical to geotechnical, hydraulics and ecologically sustainable design. We embark on civil and structural engineering projects that enhance cities and communities and develop systems for telecommunications and network infrastructure to improve the way we communicate and connect.

SEMF’s reputation for pushing boundaries and championing best practice has seen clients trust us to deliver demanding and technically rigorous projects. These range from designing a sophisticated moving roof system for Etihad Stadium and engineering a hydraulics system for Rouse Hill Town Centre to redeveloping leading private facilities and assets such as the Hobart Private Hospital.


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