Markets: Manufacturing and processing

Today, the manufacturing and processing industries must address rising costs, sustainability concerns and legislative shifts, along with day-to-day challenges. At SEMF, we merge technical expertise, business sense and a sharp awareness of market demands – a combination that allows our clients to achieve operational agility while exceeding commercial goals.

SEMF’s clients represent the full spectrum of the manufacturing and processing industry and we work closely with them to understand their competing and multifaceted needs. We deliver major capital projects and plant upgrades for leading players in the meat and dairy sectors and provide facility planning, layout development and detailed design services to drinks manufacturers, confectionery producers and wineries. SEMF understands the time-critical nature of the industrial sector and designs processes that ensure projects are delivered seamlessly and within deadline. Our cost control, scheduling and site management capabilities allow manufacturing sites to function smoothly and effectively and our training programs provide tools for clients to better respond to evolving challenges.

At SEMF, our industrial and processing engineering expertise has seen us tackle a range of projects, from the redevelopment of production control systems for confectionery icon Cadbury to the provision of laboratory gases and process cooling for the Monash Antibody Technologies Facility – the largest of its kind in the world. Our approach is characterised by meticulous attention to detail and focuses on finding holistic and inventive answers to the industry’s most complex problems.

Our major manufacturing and processing markets include: 

Manufacturing and Processing

SEMF also works in Building and property, Resources and Energy.

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