A champion effort


It seems that SEMF’s ability to kick goals on site extends to the soccer field. Not to Scale, SEMF’s in-house soccer team, were crowned the division champions in Winter Men’s Indoor Soccer, a fifteen-week competition held at Melbourne’s Oakleigh Indoor Sports Centre.

Not to Scale beat out Scoregasms, to win the grand final – a victory made sweeter in light of previous defeats at the hands of the rival team. The team finished on top of the ladder, thanks to 12 wins and 127 goals throughout the season.

SEMF owes its stellar performance to the following all-star lineup.

Don Silak – Goalkeeper

Daniel Skermer – All-rounder

Jonathon Schulz – Tentative Defender

Ross Thompson – Captain

Thomas Lennie – Handsome Midfielder (self proclaimed)

Ahmad Al Banna – Goal Scorer Extraordinaire

The Melbourne office was able to participate in a soccer tournament as result of the Workhealth grants program, a Victorian government initiative aimed at fostering a healthier office environment. 

Posted by SEMF on 26 October 2012


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