Canterbury earthquakes

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SEMF has joined with Taylors and Quinn Property Group provide an integrated solution to respond to the rebuilding of multi-unit residential developments

Following the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 Christchurch has been in a period of recovery. The physical and psychological damage caused has made a significant mark on the City and the surrounds.  SEMF are pleased to join Taylors in  assisting in the rebuilding of the City.

Forming part of a team working for a major insurance provider, SEMF is carrying out an investigation and assessment of residential properties which have been damaged beyond the cap for direct Government funding for repairs. The properties on which our team is currently working include the multi-unit multi-insured, which are best described as groups of multiple dwellings which are each insured under different providers. Our  role in the project is to assess the damage to determine if each dwelling is best classed as a repair or a rebuild, following which we will lead a process of approvals to deliver an appropriate solution to restore the residents’ home to pre-earthquake condition.

Canterbury earthquakes

Although the recovery appears slow, the resilience of the people here is apparent and encouraging. The Government, via the Earthquake Commission (EQC), has carried out large-scale testing and assessment throughout the City in a bid to identify appropriate areas to build and what structural designs should be used in each area. Although some areas through the City have been classed as ‘’red zone’’ which are effectively no-build zones, the Government has leapt at the opportunity to create a more liveable City with a plan for linearly connecting green open space. This linear open space will build on the already characteristic greenery of the City, typified by the iconic area of Hagley Park which is an area of approximately 165 hectares of public open space ‘’reserved forever as a public park, and shall be open for the recreation and enjoyment of the public’’.

SEMF and Taylors Development Strategists (TDS) have established a permanent office in Christchurch and each have permanent staff on location. Our involvement in  Christchurch to date has provided  extremely exciting and rewarding project opportunities.  SEMF along with TDS values highly the opportunity to contribute to the rebuild of Christchurch and assisting to restore the lives of its residents.

Posted by SEMF on 1 December 2014


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