Five minutes with … Tim Predeaux, Lighting Designer at SEMF

Combining computer simulation, cutting-edge modelling techniques and a dose of imagination, lighting design is a dynamic and evolving aspect of building engineering. Here, we talk with SEMF’s resident lighting designer Tim Predeaux.

What are the aspects of your job that you most enjoy?
I like using tools to design lighting. At SEMF, we mostly use computer simulations to achieve this. The best part of working on a lighting design project is being able to use technology to visually represent exactly what’s going to happen and meet technical requirements. It’s a nice little puzzle to try and solve.

What led you down this career path?
Initially, I was working in the building services area and I came across lighting design as part of that. Traditionally, the old school would use hand calculations and spreadsheet calculations to complete lighting design projects but I was pretty comfortable with computer simulation so I decided to take it up. I haven’t looked back!

What is your favourite project to date?
Probably designing the lighting for the Myer store in Hobart. It’s really nice to work in your hometown.

What is a typical day for you at SEMF?
Usually I come in, fire up the models and start tinkering with whatever project I have going on that day. At the moment, we’re working on a whole bunch of projects. The variety is great – there’s never a dull moment.

What’s your favourite thing about working at SEMF?
At SEMF, there’s a real focus on people. And unlike a lot of other companies, this goes beyond corporate policy. It really makes a difference to your working life.

Posted by SEMF on 26 October 2012


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