SEMF has been appointed Principal Design Consultant for the proposed new Experimental Aquaculture Facility to be built by the University of Tasmania, south of Hobart.

The modern facility will provide new specialist research capabilities to support the growth and sustainability of aquaculture in Tasmania. The new facility will deliver practical solutions for the commercial and environmental sustainability of aquaculture in Australia, and will feature climate research capabilities for the seafood sector.

To facilitate the understanding of world’s best practice in aquaculture research facilities, key SEMF project staff and UTas staff attended a technical tour of similar facilities in Norway and Denmark in May 2013.

The objectives of the study tour were to:

  • Understand how established facilities operate, to ensure functional and practical design layouts and solutions;
  • Gauge quality and build ability of existing facilities;
  • Learn from others, on what has worked well, what they have needed to improve, or are proposing to improve, and what would have been done differently if they were to start again;
  • Develop further knowledge on current technical requirements, equipment suppliers, and Recirculation systems.

The technical tour provided a range of invaluable benefits to the participants that will assist with the delivery of the Experimental Aquaculture Facility. These benefits included:

  • Exposure to various facility layouts and acquisition of knowledge of improvements that could be made to those layouts;
  • Appreciation of the various levels of construction quality achievable; from the low to the high end of the spectrum;
  • Appreciation of different methods of tank installation; i.e. in-ground and above-ground methods.
  • Insight into what has worked well, and what has not, at the various facilities; and
  • Establishment of relationships with representatives at the various research facilities and suppliers visited. Many of whom will be available to provide follow up advice.


Posted by SEMF on 20 August 2013


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