The power of outsourcing

At SEMF, outsourcing packages offer a powerful antidote to resourcing crises in the mining sector.

Wide-scale growth across the Australian mining sector is fuelling greater demand for skilled environmental and engineering staff – a trend that has sparked major resource scarcity issues across the country. This staff shortage is creating critical project delays and inefficiency, an issue that is set to escalate as this crisis worsens.

According to Maximising Growth in a Mining Boom, a 2012 report commissioned by the Minerals Council of Australia, the mining and mining-related sectors account for 20 percent of the country’s economy and are growing at a rate of 15 to 20 percent a year. This has heightened the need for an approach to staffing that is flexible and highly scalable.

Dr John McCambridge, National Environmental and Infrastructure Manager at SEMF, believes that outsourcing can offer a powerful solution to this problem.

“By outsourcing engineering and environmental staff to a recognised provider, mining operators can reap the benefits of a stable project team – a fact that is central to the success of a project,” says McCambridge. “It means that the same team will work on a project from start to finish, regardless of the project timeline. This plays a major role in ensuring project efficiency and delivering seamless results.”

SEMF’s project teams largely comprise local and interstate team members, a combination that capitalises on site-specific knowledge, expertise gleaned from mining projects across the country and experience working on remote sites. This trifecta allows SEMF to tailor versatile outsourcing packages that respond to clients’s conflicting and complex needs. 

Posted by SEMF on 26 October 2012


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